Meet our newest member of the family. Miss Minuty proudly shows off her gorgeous @OverburySires #cityscape colt, he’s a full brother 2x winner Silverscape and a half to ultra consistent #frontiersmans Miss Dolly Rocker! Well done Miss Mini 🥰

Well here he is! Our first foal of the year and what a stunning boy! By @Lanwades Bobby’s kitten, not sure where all that white came from, but hes just so gorgeous!🤣 😴
@SaracenTB #recoverymash
@rpbloodstock #foalgallery

"I'm a primary school for horses." 🧑‍🎓

It's that time of the year that young horses are off to meet their trainers, but what happens beforehand?

Inside the world of pre-training with @hettastevens and @KVTThoroughbreds

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